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Discover the pinnacle of Image Mannequin services at Aesthetic Eurasia Limited. Elevate your visuals with unmatched precision and an unwavering focus on detail. Our Ghost Mannequin and Image Mannequin services offer a transformative approach to showcasing your products.

Utilizing Neck Joint and Mannequin techniques, we enhance product visibility effectively, ensuring your items stand out with unparalleled clarity. While traditional marketing with models can be impactful, it often comes with hefty price tags and ongoing maintenance expenses. With our Ghost Mannequin and Image Mannequin services, you can significantly reduce costs and maximize profits without compromising on quality.

Trust Aesthetic Eurasia Limited to bring your products to life in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Experience the difference today!

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Types of Image Mannequin Services

We do different types of image mannequin such as

Our Neck Joint service is a game-changer for clothing businesses, particularly those showcasing shirts, tops, coats, jackets, and more. With this innovative offering, we seamlessly remove the mannequin’s neck, leaving only the product visible, creating a sleek and professional appearance.

At Aesthetic Eurasia Ltd., we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch “Neck Joint” services of premium quality at unmatched prices. Our skilled team ensures that your clothing items stand out, captivating your audience and elevating your brand image.

Experience the difference with our Neck Joint service today and witness how we transform your product imagery into captivating visual assets that drive engagement and sales.

At Aesthetic Eurasia Ltd., we offer a unique image enhancement service known as Bottom Joint. This specialized service caters to clothing products with elongated tails or distinctive backside features. Our process involves meticulously erasing the photo’s dummy during post-processing. To achieve the perfect result, we require two distinct images of the product: one featuring the dummy and another solely focusing on the backside. Our skilled professionals then execute precise background removal and meticulous adjustments to seamlessly merge the backside part, resulting in a unified and flawless final image. Trust Aesthetic Eurasia Ltd. to elevate your clothing product imagery with our unparalleled expertise in Bottom Joint enhancement.

Introducing our exclusive Sleeve Joint service, tailored for clothing products such as jackets and suits featuring long sleeves. When experts meticulously remove the mannequin’s palm from the sleeve, it often creates a gap within the inner part of the sleeve. Our skilled professionals step in to seamlessly fix this missing portion of the sleeve, ensuring a flawless presentation. This delicate process demands precision, particularly for tiny, small, or transparent sleeves, where attention to detail is paramount. Trust us to handle your sleeve joint needs with care and expertise, guaranteeing perfection in every edit.

Prepare to be astounded by our revolutionary Mannequin to Model service, a paradigm-shifting solution in the world of invisible mannequin services. Picture this: a dual photoshoot extravaganza where models showcase your products with exquisite poise, while simultaneously, mannequins mimic those poses to perfection. Then, through the magic of advanced post-processing wizardry, we seamlessly transition from the mannequin to the model, resulting in visuals that radiate sophistication and allure. With our service, your products transcend mere presentation, becoming captivating works of art that mesmerize your audience and elevate your brand to unprecedented heights of desirability.

Sample images of Image Mannequin Services

Here are some sample of Image Mannequin images

Image Mannequin service | Image MannequinImage Mannequin service | Image Mannequin
Image Mannequin service | Image MannequinImage Mannequin service | Image Mannequin
Image Mannequin service | Image MannequinImage Mannequin service | Image Mannequin
Image Mannequin service | Image MannequinImage Mannequin service | Image Mannequin

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