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Image Masking

Image masking is a sophisticated technique used in photo editing to precisely isolate specific parts of an image while maintaining the intricate details and soft edges intact. It involves the careful separation of foreground subjects from their backgrounds, allowing for targeted adjustments or enhancements without affecting the surrounding elements.

At Aesthetic Eurasia Limited, we excel in delivering top-notch image masking solutions tailored to enhance the allure of your photographs. Image masking stands as a cornerstone in the realm of photo editing, particularly adept at refining images with delicate or intricate elements, like softly defined edges or wisps of hair. Our proficient team of editors harnesses advanced Photoshop techniques to meticulously separate subjects from their backgrounds, ensuring impeccable outcomes without fail. Whether it’s the twinkling lights of a holiday tree or the flowing strands of a beloved pet’s fur, we pledge precision and excellence in every image entrusted to us. Entrust Aesthetic Eurasia Limited to elevate your photos with unmatched precision and excellence.

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Types of Image Masking

We do different types of image masking such as

Our Layer Mask service offers precise photo editing by selectively concealing or revealing parts of an image, ideal for adjusting backgrounds, blending photos, removing objects, and applying targeted edits. With our expertise, you’ll achieve seamless results that enhance your images’ appeal effortlessly.

For impeccable background removal, especially with intricate details like human hair or furry pets, our Hair Mask service excels. Unlike clipping paths, which are ideal for general background removal, hair masking precisely selects and refines fine elements such as individual strands of hair or fur. Utilizing advanced Photoshop techniques, our experts isolate hair and fur seamlessly, ensuring smooth edges and a flawless finish. Additionally, we address contrast issues to enhance image quality further.

Our Clipping Mask service utilizes the power of Photoshop to create stunning effects on your photos. It’s a versatile technique where selected portions become transparent, allowing you to blend shapes or text seamlessly with your images. Here’s how it works: We start with a base layer, then layer your photo over it, and finally add text or shapes on top. The shape of the base layer determines which parts of your image will be visible, giving you full control over the final look. With our Clipping Mask service, you can effortlessly enhance your images and unleash your creativity.

Our Alpha Channel Mask service allows you to store 8-bit grayscale images for specific areas you select, using an alpha channel. This is particularly useful for separating objects from the background, as the alpha channel stores crucial data about the image’s shades. With Adobe Photoshop, our experts utilize the alpha channel to precisely select images based on their colors, making it easy to adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, and more later on. Experience the convenience and precision of our Alpha Channel Mask service for seamless image editing.

Our Transparent Object Mask service specializes in removing backgrounds from tricky transparent and translucent objects. These objects, like bottles, glassware, water, and eyewear, pose a challenge for background removal due to their see-through nature. They retain details of their backgrounds, making it difficult to select and erase them effectively. However, our skilled professionals utilize advanced Photoshop techniques specifically tailored for transparent and translucent objects. With our expertise, you can trust us to seamlessly remove backgrounds from these challenging objects, ensuring your images look crisp and professional.

Introducing our Collage Image Masking service ! Our experts skillfully blend multiple photos by separating subjects from backgrounds using advanced techniques. With precision, we merge them onto one background, creating captivating collages. Ideal for branding materials like leaflets and brochures, our service ensures your visuals leave a lasting impression.

Sample images of Image Masking

Here are some sample of Image Masking images

Image MaskingImage Masking
Image MaskingImage Masking
Image MaskingImage Masking
Image MaskingImage Masking

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